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Selection of Sandwiches
Selection of Wraps
piled high with our premium meats and cheeses served on freshly baked rolls with lettuce & tomato, condiments on the side.
fresh tortillas stuffed with premium meats and cheeses, lettuce & tomato, condiments on the side.
Starting at $5.99 per person
Starting at $5.99 per person

BIG BITE Giant Sandwich
American - turkey, roast beef, ham & cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion, mayo
Italian - ham cappicola, salami, pepperoni, lettuce, tomato & onion, oil & vinegar
5' - feeds 16-20 - $79.99
6' - feeds 20-24 - $89.99

Good Morning
Our delicious breakfast burritos start off your morning meetings!
Grade A eggs, premium meat, cheese & potato in a fresh tortilla
$3.99 per person

BITE ME Sack Lunch
a delicious sandwich packed with chips, cookie & a drink
tossed or ceasar - $18.00
$8.99 per person
a delicious sandwich packed with chips & cookie
tray of cookies - feeds 12 - $6.75
$7.99 per person

Also available to add on to your party - chips, juices, sodas, other desserts - just ask for details!
All Catering services require a 1 day notice, 10 person minimum
Bite Me Subs - 480.968.6855 - Eat In, Eat Out, BITE ME!
528 W Broadway, Tempe

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